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  • For Better and For Ever covers all the important topics/issues. 21 chapters include: Study of your Family of Origin, Money Matters & Career Planning, Planning the Wedding, Options for Mixed Religion Marriages, Parenting, Couples who are living together, Blended Families, Rituals of Engagement, Prayer, Marital Spirituality, and more.  3 editions: Catholic, Protestant, and Secular are designed to meet the needs of every couple.
  • Personal Responsibility. The format facilitates personal learning and sharing with one’s partner.  Each chapter concludes with an extensive series of questions for personal reflection and then dialogue with his/her partner.
  • Designed for many different situations. Couples living far from one another during engagement can use For Better and For Ever for personal study and then dialogue by email, phone or letter.
  • A Resource for the important first year(s) of Marriage. When the honeymoon is over, For Better and For Ever includes questions for 3 months and 6 months into marriage for further reflection and conversations with one’s spouse and Sponsor Couple.

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