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The 3 editions of For Better and For Ever:
How to determine which edition to use??

The Catholic edition is for couples planning a wedding in the Roman Catholic Church ~ even if one of them is not a member of the Catholic Church ~ because the text includes Catholic teachings and canon law that will impact both of them. If one of them is not Catholic, there is a chapter on “Mixed Religion Marriage” . Available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and French. [Table of Contents]

The Christian (Protestant) edition is for couples planning for a Christian marriage (but it will not be celebrated in a Catholic Church). If they are of different Faith traditions, there is a chapter on “Mixed Religion Marriage”. Available in English & Spanish.


The Covenant (secular) edition was created especially for marriage educators who are using US government grants to provide marriage education for couples. All the content concerning Faith and Religion was removed from the text of the book (as required by the US government policies) but couples are free to find this material on this web site at > Spirituality in Marriage. Available in English.

Training DVDs are also available in English and Spanish.  These are for Training Sponsor Couples and setting up the use of the For Better & For Ever program.

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