Our Mission

Marriage Preparation Resources is a welcoming on-line resource for dating/engaged couples, clergy, married couples, marriage educators…..anyone who cares about marriages and families.

What do we do? We teach what Christian marriage is and the skills needed for it. We also teach the skills for lifelong marriage to couples who ~ though they may not profess the Christian faith ~ share the conviction that lifelong marriage is best for couples and their children.

Whom do we assist?  Any couple who contacts us.  We also assist clergy, marriage educators and “sponsor couples” who help couples prepare for marriage.  And married couples who want to make their marriages even better.

What are our services?

We respond to all questions sent to us by e-mail, phone or letter.

Our web site provides lots of information & how to contact real people who can help.

Our marriage preparation program, For Better and For Ever, is available to any person willing to try it.

Our Training videos/DVDs can help you Train “sponsor couples” and set up the use of For Better & For Ever.

Our Resource Team (see Contact Us) can come to your church to train “sponsor couples” and set up our marriage preparation program. 

We are a nonprofit organization; every dollar you spend on our products and services goes toward fulfilling our goal of making marriages better and families healthier.

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